Arranged by Elements First Aid, we are proud to sponsor the Hall’s defibrillator and provide FREE community training.

The Exeter Street Hall is a vibrant community centre situated in the heart of Prestonville, Brighton. Owned by the community, managed by a fantastic team of volunteers and completely self-funded, it’s used by hundreds of local residents for various community activities, clubs, events and private hire.

Elements First Aid is proud to have secured full funding from the Sussex Heart Charity for a Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) – a device that delivers an electric shock to someone in cardiac arrest. The shock can potentially allow a normal heart rhythm to resume, and the sooner it is delivered, the better their chance of survival. We are so lucky to have this vital piece of equipment in the heart of our community. You’ll find it on the outside of the building and it’s available 24/7.

We are passionate about raising awareness and regularly provide FREE CPR and defibrillator training for anyone that lives near or uses the Hall. The more people that know how to use it the better, so come along and find out how it works.

One day, you really could save someone’s life with it.